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Go beyond the limits of standard liability policies to protect yourself and your finances from the unexpected

Protect yourself and your family from unforeseen accidents and lawsuits that stretch beyond the limits of your standard liability coverage. With umbrella insurance, you are protected past the limits of your car or home insurance so that when you exceed limits, you will stil be protected.


Liability issues are everywhere. Assure that you aren't caught with large liability payments outside of your coverage with the added coverage of umbrella insurance.


- Supplements your other insurance policies

- Protects you after your liability coverage from other insurances has been reached

- Avoid worrying about liability costs in the future


Save yourself the time and the hassle about worrying over possible future disasters - know you're covered when you take out an umbrella insurance policy.

While we all hope that we and the people around us avoid accidents in our lives, you know that accidents can come out of nowhere and affect your life in devastating ways. Don't let your family be overwhelmingly financially impacted by an accident or lawsuit by purchasing umbrella insurance to protect your interests and your finances. Umbrella insurance may be purchased at a low cost, but its protection is priceless.

Never be too careful - purchase umbrella insurance today

Get quality umbrella insurance and peace of mind with Fin Martin Insurance


Get a FREE California umbrella insurance quote with Fin Martin Insurance when you call today! See all of the benefits of protecting all of your assets.

Get coverage for any circumstance

Feel the peace of mind that comes from protection that extends beyond your liability coverage.

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