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Insure your belongings and your rented home with a customized renters insurance policy with Fin Martin Insurance today

It's easy to assume that your landlord's insurance policy covers you and your assets - unfortunately, this isn't true, and your landlord's policy only covers the building itself. Save yourself the hardship of dealing with damaged or stolen belongings by purchasing renters insurance with the help of Fin Martin Insurance.


Protect your home and your belongings with the tenant's equivalent of home insurance, protecting you from these incidents:


- Common causes of loss

- Additional living expenses related to making other living arrangements

- Medical expenses for treating people injured on your premises

- Unfortunate lawsuits


Mediate the cost of damages to your rental property too by investing in renter's insurance.

Find out what risks to you and your rental property are the most likely in order to customize a renters insurance plan best protect and prepare you from the most common possibilities. Let our expert insurance specialists help you design the plan you need for your best coverage.

Identify your risk exposures and prepare with quality insurance

Get quality home protection, even as a renter, with Fin Martin Insurance


For a FREE California renters insurance quote, contact us today to fill out our form or learn more information!

Protect your belongings in your rented home

Keep your belongings as a tenant insured by getting a renter insurance policy with us today.

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